Here goes…

The longer I am on this journey, following after Jesus, the more I realize that following His teachings and His life is completely counter culture, even in the area of achievementI have to get more and more comfortable with how my life will not look like what the majority of the world is striving to achieve.

This became most severely clear to me last spring when our family attended a cross-cultural training session for two weeks outside Toronto, Canada.  As the facilitator that day introduced our session she said “the way is weakness” and my immediate response was to begin tearing up.  It was uncontrollable.  She had hit a cord.  While in prayer later that week I realized how much I still identified myself with what I could achieve.  Although I knew I was loved by God, although I do and have felt His unconditional love, I realized that I was defining myself by what I could do for God and not who I was to Him-  God’s daughter and God’s creation.  And so tears kept coming as the Holy Spirit graciously ministered to me in that moment.

I share this with you all as we introduce our blog because this is not easy for us to post, to share our story, to be vulnerable before an audience we cannot physically see or touch.  However, now more than ever, in our lives we have realized the true treasure that other individuals are to us.  As our faith is being challenged, stretched and strengthened, it has been the words of friends, colleagues, family and even strangers through texts, over Facebook, in passing that have literally helped us take another step forward.  As we share with all of our prayer and financial partners, we are part of a team.  We are the goers and they are the senders.  And so this is for you- our senders, to keep you updated, to invite you along with us in thanking God as we traverse both mountains and valleys.  It is His love that will not fail us.  Thank you for joining us.

Serving together,

Marco and Francesca