We are the Barbees: A family of four with the desire to follow Jesus wherever that leads us.  While we travel along this path into cross- cultural ministry each of our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, help us move forward as a unit.  However, we definitely wouldn’t be here without the grace of God, as it’s in our weakness that Christ’s strength is made perfect (2 Cor 2:9).

Marco: Calm, slow to anger, patient, quiet.  An avid Michigan sports-fan in Buckeye country.  All in and steady.

Francesca: Risk-taker, multi-task(er), sincere of heart.  Outdoors lover, UCONN fan, food enthusiast.

Ananias: Competitive, social, learner.  Ananias has yet to try a sport he hasn’t liked.  He is our high energy, full throttle all the time, vacuum for parent energy.

Anais (Ana-ees): Creative, observant, project organizer.  Anais loves to tell stories, play with friends, sing songs and explore in the mud.